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Corporate Krav Maga Training Waltham, Massachusetts For over 25-years, Gershon Ben Keren, has been providing personal-safety, self-defense, and security training/consultancy to a wide-range of organizations, corporations, groups, and agencies etc. He has delivered programs and training in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the US. Having worked in the security industry for over 30-years, and with master’s degrees in Psychology, and Criminology and Criminal Psychology, his training and consultancy brings both first-hand experiences of violence, and the latest academic research into violence together. Whether your organization is looking to provide physical hands-on, self-defense training to its members and/or deliver training in how to improve personal safety (how to predict, identify and avoid violence), the chances are that we have an a-la-carte offering that will meet your needs. If we don’t then we are happy to deliver a bespoke training package/presentation to your members and/or clients.

We have experience working with corporations and organizations in industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, mining, education etc., whether that is delivering presentations and training on travel-security and/or active-shooter/killer responses etc. If you are interested in improving the safety and security of your organization and its members, please use the button below to contact us.

Private & Small Group Krav Maga Classes

Private & Small Group Krav Maga Training Waltham Due to time constraints, we have limited opportunities to provide non-members of the school with private and small group Krav Maga training. Whilst some people believe, and some Krav Maga instructors insist that private training dramatically speeds up a person’s ability to learn techniques etc., this is usually wishful thinking, or a marketing/business ploy to generate revenue. Most people progress quicker in our public classes, as they get to train with a greater variety of partners. If you are interested in joining our regular classes, the best way to get started is to take one of our introductory Krav Maga seminars. To see dates and/or register please click here.

However, there are times when private and small group training may be suitable and appropriate e.g., if you work in a specialist, security role and are looking to increase your skills and abilities in a particular area, or your work schedule makes attending regular classes impossible etc. If you have a situation where our group/public classes won’t meet your needs, please contact us about trying to schedule private or small group training. You can do so by using the button below.

Law-Enforcement Krav Maga Training Waltham

If your department is looking to extend its training, and experience Krav Mag solutions to law-enforcement events and incidents please feel free to contact us regarding your needs. Most of the time we provide this training free, and we are always happy to share our experience and training with those who serve the cities and communities of Massachusetts, including Waltham. We can conduct training at our fully matted studio, or at your site. Some of the areas that we can provide LEO training in (but not limited to), are de-escalation and conflict-resolution, control and restraint (single officer and/or part of a team), cuffing methods, and use of the baton and/or PR-24. We can also provide training in basic unarmed self-defense. If you have training needs and requirements and we can be of service to your department please contact us with an outline of your requirements using the button below..


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