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Krav Maga Books By Gershon Ben Keren (5th Dan)

Krav Maga Waltham Books - Krav Maga Real World Solutions
Krav Maga - Real World Solutions

“Krav Maga – Real World Solutions to Real World Violence” (Tuttle Publishing), was the first full color Krav Maga book to be published. Rather than take staged/still photographs to demonstrate techniques, like most martial arts and self-defense books, all of the photographs were shot at full speed. Each technique was filmed repeatedly using the continuous shooting/burst setting, and the most illustrative shots were joined together to show the various stages of a technique as it was performed applied. Around 15 000, photographs, were then reduced to around 1000, that were used in the book.

As well as using this unique approach to capture the dynamic nature of violence, the techniques were filmed in the settings where real-life violence occurs e.g., bars and pubs, at ATM’s, in parking lots etc. This adds to the realism of the solutions presented and provides contexts to the attacks and threats demonstrated.

The book focuses on premeditated/asocial violence that is committed by predatory individuals who plan and/or orchestrate their attacks e.g., muggings, abductions etc. The book deals with both armed and unarmed assaults, involving both knives and guns, as well as strategies to deal with single and multiple assailants.

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Krav Maga Waltham Books - Krav Maga Tactical Survival
Krav Maga - Tactical Survival

“Krav Maga – Tactical Survival” (Tuttle Publishing), took the same approach to capturing and detailing techniques as Gershon’s first book i.e., filming at full speed on rapid burst, in full color, and in the actual settings where violence occurs e.g., pubs/bars, in parking lots etc. The book built on some of the solutions presented in the first book, dealing with complications that sometimes arise when dealing with violence e.g., somebody doesn’t just put a knife to your neck, they also grab your clothing, or wrist etc., or you attempt to control a knife in response to an attack, and due to the assailant’s response it ends up in a slightly different position etc.

The book focuses on social/spontaneous violence i.e., the types of violent incidents and events that aren’t planned but result from social interactions e.g., somebody spills a drink over somebody else, or cuts ahead of them in a queue/line. These are the types of situations that can often be dealt with using de-escalation and conflict resolution tactics. These are presented in the book, alongside physical solutions.

Solutions and techniques were also demonstrated around how to recognize when somebody is acrrying a weapon (Knife/Gun) and how to spoil the draw.

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Krav Maga Waltham Books - Krav Maga Extreme Survival
Krav Maga - Extreme Survival

“Krav Maga – Extreme Survival” (Tuttle Publishing), takes a look at three different types of violence: active shooter/killer incidents, home invasions and car-jackings. Not common situations, but ones that are high risk, with potentially lethal outcomes. As with the previous books, all photos were shot in full color, at full speed, and in the situations where they occur e.g., in the section on school shootings, solutions were presented in a school, using senior students to act them out. This was one of the first times that the Israeli solutions to mass and rampage shootings were put in print outside of Israel. The research for the active shooter section of the book involved an analysis of over 140 active shooter events to look at the similarities and commonalities of these events, in order to take an evidential and research based approach for dealing with these events.

As well as looking at physical solutions to these extreme events the book also looks at predictive and preventative measures e.g., how to identify someone who may be considering in engaging in an active-shooter incident, and steps that may be taken to avoid this happening, and/or limiting the effects of it etc.

Such preventative steps to avoid violence, and being victimized, are dealt with in all of Gershon Ben Keren's books.

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